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أجدد الأفلام الأجنبية من السينما إليك مباشرة

كل عام وكل اعضاء معاك كافى بخير رمضان كريم ...بمناسبه شهر مضان سيتم اعلان اقسام رمضانيه جديده ستكون متاحه طوال فتره الشهر الكريم ..وسيتم اعلان مشرفين جدد .. واتمنى التوفيق للجميع .... تيم معاك

    Tuneup Utilities 2009


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    Tuneup Utilities 2009

    مُساهمة من طرف HETTLER في السبت سبتمبر 12, 2009 6:33 am

    uneUp Utilities helps both beginners and experts to make Windows meet
    their needs in a way that is better, easier and safer. All important
    system options are explained in an easy way and can be turned on or off
    at the click of your mouse. TuneUp Utilities will then make the
    necessary changes in the registry or boot files automatically. We place
    a high value on system stability, so that Windows won't stop [ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط] reliably. And most changes that you make can be undone in TuneUp Rescue Center - easily and safely.

    Utilities also gives you many more options. In addition to helping you
    make Windows "better looking", you can also clean up and optimize your
    system at the click of a mouse. TuneUp Utilities 2008 will clean up
    unnecessary data from your hard disk and remove unnecessary entries
    from your registry. It can defragment your hard disk and registry and
    optimize your system settings to make Windows run substantially faster.
    Most of this maintenance is performed automatically every week by
    TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance.

    Automatic adaptation to your operating system
    making these changes, TuneUp Utilities reaches deep into the Windows
    system. However, Windows has changed a great deal from version to
    version. Because of this, the software automatically recognizes and
    adapts to each supported version of Windows. This is done automatically
    so that you, the user, won't have to re-learn the software for each
    operating system version.

    TuneUp [ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط] page:
    - Intuitive Layout, Easy to Use
    - Provides quick and easy access to the most critical optimization functions
    - A single yet comprehensive appraisal of your PC?s current performance and overall system health

    TuneUp Speed Optimizer:
    - Intelligent, Powerful Utility for any User Skill Level
    - Easy optimization in just a few [ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط]
    - Identifies unused programs and resource-draining functions
    - Recommends tools for optimal PC performance

    TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance:
    - Automatic, Fast Optimization
    - Enables one-click maintenance of the most important functions of your PC
    - Cleans the Windows registry
    - Deletes temporary files and folders
    - Increases the system performance through integrated defragmentation
    - Streamlines your desktop and simplifies folder shortcuts with one click

    TuneUp Drive Defrag:
    - Intelligent defragmentation with new progress display

    TuneUp System Control:
    - Supports Opera

    TuneUp Uninstall Manager:
    - Intuitive uninstall options

    TuneUp Startup Manager:
    - Increases the speed at the start-up of your PC

    TuneUp Registry Cleaner:
    - More powerful tool with in-depth view of your PC registry

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    رد: Tuneup Utilities 2009

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    ممكن الترجمة بالعربى يا مستر هتلر

    بليز اصل تعليمى على قدى
    مساعد المراقب العام
    مساعد المراقب العام

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    رد: Tuneup Utilities 2009

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