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    Portable Road Rash Full Game For Pc


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    Portable Road Rash Full Game For Pc

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    Portable Road Rash Full Game For Pc
    EA | Win | 19 MB

    A forerunner of such violent games as the Grand
    Theft Auto series, Road Rash is a rousingly good combat racing
    motorcycle game that encourages players to punch, kick, and club their
    opponents off the twisting, turning tracks.
    You'd better come
    wearing your tough-guy boots if you hope to win this race. Extreme
    arcade racing has never been so rough, as you'll have to kick, beat,
    punch, and maul your opponents with chains, clubs, sticks, and other
    brutal weaponry. Of course, your opponents can and will fight back,
    sometimes going so far as to put you on a hit list for later group

    Not only that, you've got to watch out for the fuzz!
    The cops are out in full force setting up road blocks, chasing you on
    motorcycles, and hauling you off to jail if you're unfortunate enough
    to take a spill in front an officer. Pick your racer (the gamut runs
    from punks to jocks), and then head off to Der Panzer Klub, where you
    can talk to fellow riders, sign up for a race, or purchase a new ride.

    can choose between rat bikes, sport bikes, and super bikes, but you'll
    need to win plenty of races to earn enough cash for an upgrade.

    Paced admirably by a hard driving soundtrack, the game strikes a nice balance between hitting and racing, and the controls are smooth and easy to use. Players can win money for bike upgrades
    by winning (or simply placing in) races on five different courses:
    Sierra Nevada, Pacific Coast, Redwood Forest, Palm Desert, and Grass
    Valley. The frame rate could use a boost to make the scrolling a bit
    smoother, but the players and bikes look good, there's ample roadside
    and background detail (including cows, trees, mountains, and slippery sand), and the game itself remains a pleasure long after the newness has worn off.


    Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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